Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Whole Lotta Cute for a Whole Lotta Nothin'

What do college friends and butterflies have in common? Nothing really unless you consider that one of my old college friends came for a visit and brought her butterfly punches with her.

Eight kids, six of them four and under. Two moms maintaining high hopes of crafting with said butterfly punches. Chaos along with fun. Laughter. Comfortable. Good times.

In between talking and caring for the kids, we did indeed find time to punch out our butterflies for this project. Just plain old hand powered punches by Martha Stewart (though she did bring her mother-in-law's Cricut...we were clueless! Ha!)

After my friend headed back home, while Sadie was napping, I grabbed a thrifted frame from my stash that was already painted white and started assembling my picture.

Side note: This type of project is the very reason I will be packing and moving all my unused frames and ugly dated pictures from the basement...not everything that is unused in storage should be eliminated!!! Mike, I'm taking my frames...grin!

I need to find spacers to go between the glass and the paper so the butterflies don't get smushed. I love it!!! Too bad it will have to be packed away until we get into our new house to be hung in Sadie's room.

This project cost me $0.00. I already owned the scrapbooking paper, glue strips, and frame!!! A whole lotta cute for a whole lotta nuthin'!!! But now I'm tempted to buy butterfly punches...

Inspiration photo here.

Thanks for bringing your gang here, Tarah! So fun to see you!!!


Olivia said...

That's adorable. Airy and light prettiness.

Anonymous said...