Friday, July 29, 2011

Scrappy Wonky Vintage Sheet Pillow and the Sewing Saga

I keep promising myself that I won't start any more sewing projects until after we move but I can't seem to bring myself to actually pack up my sewing machine and notions. In all fairness to my children, my "toys" should be packed just as most of theirs are...maybe after this weekend, I'll pack it all up.

But it'll make me cry.


Since last October, I've worked on sewing projects about four days a week...and I love every minute of it! And, the stinkin' cute and I still love making them...

It kind of feels like once my machine is packed, it'll be forever before I can justify any type of sewing...priorities, right?! Sorting, packing, and moving from our old home, unpacking and settling into a new home, packing and food shopping for vacation, going on a week long vacation six days after we move, unpacking from vacation, still unpacking in our new home, somehow establishing a homeschool routine in a new house that is still not unpacked...phew...when will I ever sew again?! Doesn't that seem like forever to you, too?!

Ah, well...I will make it. I will survive. I will sew again!!! And while I'm waiting, I'll gaze at my new pillow. Ain't she perty?! She is not being packed unless you count riding along in my van on moving day with my sewing machine and my body pillow (can't kick the pregnancy's only been two years...ahem...she's so soft and cuddly and props my legs in the most comfortable way). Yes, these items will be lovingly seat belted into the front seat. My machine has already called "shotgun!"

I made this pillow from vintage bed sheet scraps. I had some scraps of my own but I also purchased a scrap pack from this lovely gal. I saw the idea for this quilt block here...

I used a fat quarter I had received in a swap a few months back for the backing. And since I didn't have a pillow form and couldn't stand not posting this any longer, I folded up a sheet to fill the pillow for now!

Certainly a bright spot of color in all the chaos to come...


abigail said...

Ooh! I love this! The color combination iw gorgeous, and the block itself is just the right amount of quirky.

And your house...your HOUSE!!! It's a mansion! Really lovely.

Hope the move goes swiftly and smoothly! It'll be fun to see pictures of it once you've got your thrift store treasures all set up in it.

abigail said...

It really, REALLY, iw gorgeous.

It really iw.

Jennie said...

You did such an amazing job on this, Kiley! Thank you so much for the shout out to my shop. I'll be featuring your project and linking to your blog tomorrow :)