Monday, August 8, 2011

Living in Chaos

My chaotic life in pictures...

I don't handle chaos well emotionally...stuff everywhere, things out of place, not being able to walk around without stepping on something...makes me feel crazy and ill at ease, a butterflies in my stomach kind of anxiousness.

Summer camp out on the boy's room floor has been fun but messy. We sold their triple bunks back in June and we're waiting to purchase double bunks once we've moved. Oh, and we'll start making beds every least that is the goal!

Basement of in the world to we have this much stuff???

dining eating in here!

The six of us are crowding around our eat-in kitchen table that comfortably fits four. It's great for family bonding. It's also heightens your likelihood of a little one wiping their ketchup-y hands on times!

Burned grilled cheese sandwiches and hot tomato soup on a hot day! In my defense, I usually only burn one side...seriously, I always get distracted while making grilled cheese. This time I was taking chaos pictures...ha!

Adding to the chaos today, I laid out all of our homeschool materials for this coming school year. I have to write an IHIP for each of the older boys for the school year (Individualized Home Instruction Plans). The passports and flag stickers are looking to be the favorite item this year as we travel around the globe exploring countries and cultures!

We're adding another student this year! Isaac will be starting Kindergarten! Luke will be in 2nd grade. Elijah will be in 4th grade.

My bedroom...thankfully most of the time I'm in here it's dark and I don't see this towering mess at the end of my bed. See that red beloved sewing machine. I didn't actually cry while I was packing her up...probably because I snuck in one extra project at the end of last week. He, he! A charm quilt using vintage sheets. It's so sweet!!! Too bad I packed it up before I remembered to take a picture!

And so there you have it. Eight days until closing. Twelve days until we move.

I'm spending time every day, throughout the day, praying. Praying that I'll handle myself well in the midst of chaos because most of the time it makes me want to flip out and get myself worked up into a tizzy. Praying that I'll show grace to my children and myself when more messes are created. Praying that the next two weeks go by quickly and smoothly.

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Olivia said...

Oh!!!! I was so hoping that you took pictures to record the mess. The older boys will always remember this place. They will drive their future sponses by and tell them tales of "when"...I know this because Ron STILL takes me by places of when he grew up almost everytime we visit Florida!!!!! I will always remember this home of yours. I have so many sweet memories of all of you there. Can't wait to make memories in your new digs!!!!!