Friday, October 7, 2011

Teddy Bear Sleeping Bag

I saw a super cute sleeping bag for lovies on Pinterest (another new addiction! aaahhhhh!) and I just had to make one! You can purchase your own pattern from Flossie Teacakes, too! I'm definitely going to make more and have a dolly slumber party!

I saw this idea (guess where???) to sew lengths of yarn on a piece of fabric...thought it was kinda cool looking. I tried it with thrifted yarn on a scrap piece of muslin and it turned out pretty sweet. It was the perfect size to use on the sleeping bag cover...a small quilt block of sorts.

The rest of the fabrics came from my vintage sheet stash & scraps. The orange double fold binding was thrifted as well and not a little tricky...a LOT curve around the rounded corners. Loving those bright, citrus colors! Who wouldn't wanna sleep in this fresh squeezed bedding?!

I tried to sew Sadie's name in the bottom of the sleeping bag...hmm...maybe next time I'd try hand embroidering it.

The finished sleeping bag. I made the daddy bear size (also included in the pattern is the baby bear and mama bear sizes.) Super fun!

Sometimes my mind needs a different creative break! This weekend I'll be focusing on getting more doll orders finished...amazed and up to my eyeballs in orders!


Olivia said...

What a bright project. Just the right 'handful' for a little mama.

abigail said...

Love this! You inspire me to make time for this projects, too! I'm too easily caught up in all my chores and don't carve out space like I should.

abigail said...

*these* projects

Sheesh. And I'm supposed to be teaching little ones about proper subject/verb agreement?