Monday, January 9, 2012

Sadie's First Prayers

Like many families, we pray at mealtimes, when we get boo-boos, during times of correction and training, before we head out in the car, and so on.

Our boys like to say the meal times prayers. It's almost like a race for who can say, "I'll pray!" first. We've often asked Sadie if she'd like to pray. Every time she just grins and shakes her head no.

Tonight, as we do every night, Sadie and I were upstairs in my room reading, snuggling, singing songs, and enjoying lots of giggles. Just before I was ready to take her to bed, I said, "Let's pray and give one last hug before bedtime."

Sadie replied, "Okay!" Then immediately closed her eyes, covered them with her hands, and said, "Dear Jesus, Thank you for my food. Thank you for my family. Thank you for my toys. Amen."

She was so sincere. Yet, it was so unexpected, I could barely contain my giggles and delight over her willingness to pray out loud. So confident and sure. I hugged her and told her what a nice prayer that was and how wonderful it is that we can talk to Jesus all the time if we want to.

Then she looked at me and said, "Your turn to pray." Of I prayed very simply as she did. When I finished, she encouraged me, "Nice prayer, Mama!"

We prayed about six more times going back and forth. The only difference was that each time she would repeat something I said. My heart just about melted when she prayed specifically for her friends without my prompting...Miss Nell (her Christian Education teacher) and Austin (a boy in her class). Then we added a few more friends from church...Miss Libby (our dear friend), Caleb (or as Sadie says, "Ca-love") and Baby Nick.

This "simple" thing reminds me how much impact we have on our children's hearts right from birth when they are not even capable of understanding our faith or a relationship with Jesus. Sadie has learned this from our family, from her loving CE teacher, and from other believers in our circle of friends. It is normal and natural for her.

I pray that Mike and I will continue to speak words of LIFE and TRUTH, from GOD, into the hearts of our children. And in turn, that our children will have softened hearts ready to receive and respond to God and live a life for HIS GLORY and HONOR.

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Olivia said...

Oh my heart is full; there is NO GREATER JOY for a parent! As one of those friends, it thrills me to see the truth of God's Word lived out in your familiy life as Deut. 6teaches. Love this little girl!