Monday, January 16, 2012

SnapShop Online Photography Course - Day One

Since purchasing my camera (Canon Rebel T3) at the end of the summer, I've been fiddling around with it, taking lots of photos in automatic mode and capturing a few accidentally decent shots in manual mode. But things are gonna change, I tell you! I am participating in an online photography course offered by one of my favorite bloggers, Ashley. I think I comment a lot on her blog (maybe in comparison to others but then again maybe not...). She's wildly popular so I'm hoping she doesn't really notice and wonder if I'm actually stalking her.

Because I'm not.

I just like her...

...and what she stands for in regard to her faith, her family, and the loveliness she creates through her photography and other goods/materials. We have the same mix of kids at similar ages, too, until their newest little one comes fun is that?!

So, back to the started last night. I was counting down the minutes until 5pm when the class went "live." And then, counting down the minutes until our guests left (no truly was a wonderful time of fellowship and I'd miss the 5pm start time just to have you here again!) And then, my hubby and I needed to spend time reading to and snuggling our little ones. Ahhh...finally about 9:30pm, I logged in for my first peek at the course!

The instruction was all about composition. Some things I'd read or heard before, other things were new. And they have names, like "mergers" and "movement." Oops...I "merge" all. the. time. And I don't like the pictures because someone usually has another appendage of some sort. Got merging!

Our first assignment is to take shots focusing on composition and capturing the story we want to tell. No worrying about technical stuff. I'm planning to document my practice shots and assignments for comparison purposes over the next few weeks.

Please comment and leave your feedback so I can improve!!!

Here are some inside shots for today - no editing just straight out of the camera (isn't that SOOC or something?!) Let's see if I understand this composition stuff!

Photo 1: I like the angles and lines

Photo 2: Hmm...merging my son's head with the rug

Photo 3: Twinge of merging on the back of Eli's head, otherwise like the angles, rule of thirds

Photo 4: Something isn't right, but I like the idea this photo...Is the leg of the piano messing up this shot? Part of the letters missing from the chart? Piano merging with the chair?

Photo 5: Oh man...Elijah's mouth that's all I can see!

Photo 6: I like this one though maybe I should have cropped closer to his back? you tell me what you think!


Angela said...

Sorry, I don't really have any productive feedback since this is all new to me too, but I just wanted to say I love your blog format! And I think one of my boys has the same shirt on as your son today. =) My first shots are up now too, but I wasn't nearly as systematic as you about the assignment (yet).

Olivia said...

I like the one where you say Eli's mouth is merging and the one with just his hand and the keyboard. I am fascinated by the elements that affect the 'affect' of a shot. In any case, you certainly captured the boys intensity. He is concentrating!

AshleyAnn said...

Kiley, these are great. A huge component of composition is training your eye, based on your comments on each photo you are really developing a great eye for composition. You got some wonderful shots, but you also recognized little things that could improve them too. Great job, thanks for sharing the link!

Lisa said...

Really good! I love the close-up of his hand - what a great angle!

Mel said...

I like photos 4 and 6 the best! It is great that you took the time to capture all of the angles. It really makes a difference!

pix ceal said...

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