Monday, February 20, 2012

In the Woods

Since daddy is away for work all week...six days (the longest he's ever been!), in California, on the beach, weather in the 60s-70s...I realize that we're gonna have to make the best of this week!

Of course, I came up with a brilliant idea...hiking at Mendon Ponds on the Birdsong Trail. The boys walk, Mama pulls Sadie in her sled. It was gonna be perfect, I tell ya!

But then we arrived and set foot on the snow! We had enough snow at our house for the sled. Of course, I didn't bring the stroller because we were going to use the sled!

Sadie hated it. She did not want to walk. I did not want to carry her all the way. Luke even offered to help carry her but bowed out after a few steps because she was "too heavy."

Epic fail.

We had to do something for 2.5 hours before a pediatrician visit...

I suggested that the boys go run in the woods and make an adventure while I sat and snuggled Sadie on the bench.

So pitiful...

"I wanna go home..."

Oh my...this boy is handsome! (I LOVE taking portrait shots of my kids!!!)

This boy...just as handsome!!!

Another handsome boy??? Why, yes!!!

Sadie didn't cry the whole long as I was holding her. I just kept giving her kisses in the woods and telling her how much I love her. (Thank you, Luke, for taking this fabulous picture!)

Holding Sadie made picture taking a little hard. But I still think I got some great shots!!! I need to remember when I have my sunglasses on, I have a harder time seeing my exposure level...take those sunglasses off!

When fingers and toes got cold, we headed to Honeoye Falls for Chinese buffet, then on to the pediatrician.

In the end we had a great outing...fresh air, sunshine, lots of snuggles and kisses, and a few hours to occupy our time making this week to by more quickly.


Olivia said...

What a wonderful, sunny day to attempt your hike with Sadie. She just needs to get bigger. She'll be a trooper with the rest of them before you know it. Those boys are handsome, indeed!

Linda said...

Oh my! What a great family day! Love this!