Monday, March 5, 2012


We're the first house on our cul-de-sac street. By default, that makes us the defenders of the street...a responsibility we take very seriously.

The only downside is deciding in a split second who is a neighbor and who is an invader...I fear we may have fired upon several allies since we have only lived here for six months...

*In truth...the boys are allowed to aim and fire when there aren't any cars pulling into our street...when a car does turn in, they are supposed to cease fire and aim elsewhere...*


Olivia said...

It's amazing that you had enough snow even for a semi-fort. Being that much closer to the airport must be a benefit re: snow. We got a dusting and it's almost gone. So in the future when you get lots of snow in the Winter, remind the children it's because you moved from balmy Scottsville!

Kiley said...

Ha, ha! Balmy Scottsville! We've had several inches of snow at home and by the time we get to church, there is only a dusting or nothing at all! Crazy!