Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pretty Little Pillow

The pillows that came with our couch are, well...too matchy, too stiff, too coordinated, too monotoned, too expected, too boring, too ugly. I already gifted three of the five to the thrift store...the remaining two don't stand a chance of surviving much longer in this house.

Especially after last night...I made a pretty little pillow. It's so sunny and bright!!! Just what my self-prescribed prescription ordered: "Saturate yourself with color...lots of beat the winter brown and grey days."

Recipe for the pillow:
*(2) napkins - @19" square - these were from Target last winter. 4 napkins/pkg. About $9.

*(1) 18" square pillow form - definitely not the cheapest one you can buy otherwise you'll make a brightly colored pillow that is as stiff as your ugly, matchy couch pillows. My pillow form had a mix of silk in it's stuffing...feels like it's down-filled. About $9 at Joann's (50% off sale).

*needle & thread

(1) Place napkins right side together (printed sides together). Pin along three sides.
(2) Pin fourth side in about 3" from each end. (you will need to leave the remaining 12" in the center of the fourth side open to stuff your pillow inside!)
(3) Sew straight stitch along pinned sections remember to leave that fourth side open
(4) Trim corners or any extra folded hem from the napkins.
(5) Turn your pillow cover inside out, poke out corners with a chopstick, and stuff with pillow form adjusting to fill corners.
(6) Pin the 12" opening closed with straight pins.
(7) Use needle & thread to close the opening with a slip stitch.
(8) Realize that it only took you about 30 minutes to complete this project that's been sitting around for a long time and shake your head at your silliness...

Just look how squishy and soft that pillow is...perfect for lounging and studying your karate student manual!

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