Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stickers, Mike & Ike, & Popsicles

We're one week into Miss Sadie's self initiated potty training. She spotted her Dora underwear in the diaper basket and refused to wear a I quickly jumped on board.

She's been doing great!!!

It does help to have three big brothers and mama cheering her on! Plus, who can resist the reward of a sticker and a Mike & Ike for every dry underpants and pee-pee in the potty. (Popsicles for poops - she's earned two so far!) She doesn't lack for someone to read a book, sing a song, or encourage her. Sadie is relishing all the if she doesn't all ready get enough attention from "my brudders" anyhow.

If you get bored while waiting for pee-pee water to come out, you can attempt to thread your hair into a straw...

"It's coming. Almost! Sing anoder song den it will come..." (Hmmm...I'm on to this little manipulation. He, he!)

We used the potty seat for one day, but she didn't like how it stuck to her bottom every time she stood up. Now she's all about the "daddy potty" with a kid seat on top.

I'm thankful for how "easy" this has been...the girl is just ready!

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Olivia said...

Oh, she will sooooooo appreciate those pictures when she is 16! I wanna still be around to see her reaction. What a big girl!