Friday, September 28, 2012

39 Weeks

39 weeks...just waiting.  I'm living in sweatpants if we are at home. Totally not my style, but they're just about the only thing I feel comfortable wearing for any length of time. It makes me feel lazy and sloppy, but since I'm exhausted anyhow, it works for now...  I completely cropped out my face because I look awfully tired and worn out.  Not pretty.  We figure we have at least a week to go beyond our due date since we've never delivered a baby any earlier than that.  Some days I'm okay with that, some days I'm not.  I'm so ready to meet our little man.
Today is one of those days that I just want to be done!  I'm dealing with a cough right now that is stretching my stretch marks and it hurts.  A lot.  I literally cradle my belly and press in to help lessen the impact of coughing.  Don't stand near me because I'm not covering my mouth!  I don't like to complain...but, oh, baby!  I'm trying to stay upbeat knowing that each day brings me one day closer to delivery.  I'm thankful that my kids are independent enough to care for themselves and Sadie for a few hours while I rested today...completely exhausted by the afternoon.
With help and motivation from my dear friend, Libby, I have been doing a lot of sorting, purging, and organizing which feels so great!  We've tackled sorting four tubs of baby boy clothing - such a blessing, office/desk supplies, arts/crafts supplies, sorting pictures/frames/photo boxes to finish organizing this winter, sorting papers/cards/hospital tags for memory boxes for each child, unboxing our massive collection of CDs, ironing and hanging curtains in our living room, entry, and dining room, sorting and recycling five years worth of boxes of home school papers/worksheets/workbooks - I only saved a few special papers for each boy's memory box.  Plus, Mike has been helping me get a variety of projects finished as well. 
Our home is really shaping up and feeling more "finished."  From the outside, many wouldn't notice the clutter or stuff that bugs me especially in our main living areas.  I have to have my surfaces clean.  Clutter and chaos make my mind cluttered and chaotic.  If spaces are messy, I can't concentrate nor do I feel motivated to tackle daily responsibilities let alone the mess.  I think the same applies to the kids, too, and that's a bad combination for life in general and homeschooling.
And so, at this point, I suppose I'll just continue wearing my stretchy pants, waiting, teaching, organizing, and dreaming about meeting this little man...
Any prayers you are willing to pray for us would be much appreciated!

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