Monday, October 1, 2012

Finishing Spaces and Great Deals

What a difference a little time, energy, and a few dollars can make in a room!  It feels so great to be getting bits and pieces settled in our home. 
For the longest time, I had plans to make curtains for my living room, front entry, and dining year long plans.  And it just hasn't happened!  Until last week...
The breaking point was when one of our poorly installed curtain rods (by a previous owner) just fell off the wall in our living room.  I decided that it was more important to actually get some kind of curtains and rods installed than it was to sew my own!  And I'm so happy I did!
Insert the wonderful invention of Pinterest...a while back, I had pinned an idea for curtains that used long rectangular tablecloths with ring clips and rods.  No sewing, easy to change out, and a lot more options for prints/designs.

My mission last Saturday was to find eight matching tablecloths, four matching curtain rods, and enough ring clips for each tablecloth panel to finish our windows in the living room, front entry, and dining room. 

I headed directly for a store that I LOVE!  The Christmas Tree Shop!!!  Some of their items are junk, but a savvy shopper can find great deals on quality items!  I found eight matching (for my four windows), white (to keep our rooms bright and to match with anything), 100% polyester (no shrinking or getting misshapen with washing), 60" x 84" tablecloths.  Just what I was looking for!  They were $6.99 each...cheaper than any other real curtain panels I would have found at other stores! 

I found black rods ($9.99 each) and matching ring clips (2 pkg/window @$5.00 each) at Target, then headed home.

Mike installed the rods high and wide to maximize the amount of light that can come in through the windows.  The bottoms just sweep the floor.  Perfection!!!  The curtains open to expose the entire width of the window...LOVE and NEED my sunshine!!!

My friend, Libby, helped me iron and hang the curtains last Tuesday - my dr. appt. day and the day she babysits for me while I run errands, etc.  LOVE her, too!!!

I am so happy with how the windows look now.  The curtains are the finishing touch my ever evolving rooms needed.  The curtains will easily go along with whatever changes I make in each room as I constantly re-decorate and switch things up.

Living room view from the family room...lovely curtains, perfectly colorful rug (from Pier One), thrifted coffee table ($9.99) painted a scrumptious shade of yellow (June Day by Sherwin Williams).

Living room view from the front favorite thing in this room???  Probably my framed vintage hankies (square LP frames from Joann's I purchased for $3.99 each.  The hankies were picked up here and there at antique shops...$1.00 - $3.00 each). 

Home + unique & pretty stuff + lots of color + a finished project = happy, relaxed mama

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