Friday, November 2, 2012

First Date-a-Versary...17 years later

Mike and I are celebrating our First Date-a-Versary today!  Seventeen years ago we went on our first date as freshman in college in the old Big Al's snack shop at Houghton College.  That date is a whole, hilarious story in itself...oh my!  Maybe I'll share it someday...
I wasn't sure of the best way to celebrate with a newborn plus we're trying to pinch some pennies, too.  Brainstorm!!!

I asked the kids if they would help me plan an in-house dinner date for their dad and myself!  They were so excited to participate as our wait staff.  I think they officially committed when I said they could use "fancy" glasses filled with soda while they ate dinner, too.  Ha, ha!
We had most of the food items already at home, but needed to grab a few extras at the grocery store.  My first attempt at shopping with all five kids the other day was pretty much a fail, so I was cautious about the success of this necessary trip.  Thankfully, we made it to the store and back without a hitch!!!  Silas slept in his car seat for another two hours after arriving back home which was such a blessing as I made food preparations! 

The boys helped me set up the dining room choosing the items themselves from my limited stash of "fancy" stuff.  We found a bell in our Christmas decorations to ring when we needed help from the wait staff who ate in the kitchen.  Ha, ha!

Fancy waiters must have mustaches, of course!

 Our menu from The Farwell Family Restaurant:
First Course: garden salad with dressing, fresh bakery bread with butter
Second Course: bacon wrapped steak, mashed potatoes with au jus, green beans with butter sauce
Dessert: mini chocolate layered mousse pie
Drinks: water, milk, soda, orange juice, apple cider

 The happy guests...I swear we didn't plan to match - it's just that we're so much in love we dress similarly without even knowing it.  Grin!

 First course

 Second Course


An extra, yet expected, dinner guest...
I am so thankful for the way my boys stepped up and helped out to bless Mike and myself!  They did an awesome job!!!  It was a fun date despite all the things that went "wrong" during our meal - Sadie shattering her fancy glass, Isaac cutting his finger with a steak knife, filling our own plates, re-heating our meals, and having kids eat with us on our date instead of in the kitchen.  In the past I might have called them "interruptions" and been annoyed.  Today, I'd call it "Would-you-expect-anything-less-for-a-date-at-home-with-five-kids-and-Aren't-I-so-blessed-to-be-surrounded-by-such-a-terrific-crowd?"
Yes, indeed, I am blessed!!!

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