Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bree and Hwin

Our family has grown by eight paws...
Introducing Bree (in front) and Hwin (hugging her sister from behind).  These pretty kitties are seven months old, very social and playful with each other and our family, and we are in love with them!  We named them after two of our favorite Narnian characters from The Horse and His Boy.
They are often found napping this way... 

Hwin - loves the laser pointer, the dominant sister when it comes to food, easy to hold and pet 

 Bree - a little more shy, but oh, so very curious, the talkative sister, loves to scratch, loves sleeping in this spot with her paws on the basket

We've had the kitties with us for under a week, but goodness, they bring a smile to my face especially when I see my boys interacting with them.  Surprisingly, Elijah has been the most confident and comfortable with our cats.  Not surprisingly, Sadie is taking a very cautious approach to them so much so that she is only just getting comfortable walking around the house without holding some one's hand.  The day we brought them home, she stayed in the same chair for hours and wanted to be carried everywhere.  I refused to let anyone carry her but suggested that some one could hold her hand.  I'm confident she'll warm up before too long.  She does like them...from a distance.
The only downer is that we are trying to determine if Isaac is allergic to the kitties or if he coincidentally developed a cold the same day we brought them home.  We're praying that it's simply a cold.  But if it turns out to be allergies, we're hopeful to find a way to make it work out!
And so, with a little December holiday humor thrown in for good measure,
"Meowy Christmas from our house to yours!"

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