Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Luke, My Boy

Do you ever have those days when you just want to brag on your kids?!  I sure do.  Today was one of them. 
We had the craziest of crazy days today, in the car for more hours than at home, running all over the place for a variety of reasons.  Each of the children deserve a reward for good behavior and long suffering from being strapped in for so long. 
One of our first stops was to the dentist for the four bigger children's bi-yearly cleanings.  The boys are pros and love going to the dentist.  Sadie has only visited one time and that did not go so well.  The hygienist and dentist were so good with her, but she just wasn't having anything to do with it. 
I assumed that today's visit would end with the same result given the torrent of tears before we even left the house this morning. 
While Luke was having his teeth cleaned, Sadie sat in the room with him watching and talking up a storm with our hygienist.  As soon as it was Sadie's turn, she got all shy and teary-eyed.  The hygienist was so gentle and patient with her when she was refusing to sit or even come over near her.  I suggested that maybe Sadie would like to sit on Luke's lap and have her teeth cleaned because I was holding a snoozing baby boy.
Luke has this sweet way of saying, "Sure" and getting right on Sadie's level to talk with her, big brave brother to little nervous sister.  He convinced her to sit on his lap and squish him like a pancake so the hygienist could count her teeth.  Sadie eventually opened her mouth for a quick cleaning in the safety of her brother's arms.  I just wish I had my camera to capture how securely he was holding her and speaking encouraging words to her.  Our dentist was just in awe of how well he cared for and loved Sadie. 
He makes me so proud.
Luke, my compassionate boy, the one who loves little kids and babies and kitties.  Luke, my gentle boy, who instinctively knows how to comfort little ones.  Luke, my man child, so mature in some ways, yet a still a little boy.  Luke, my sensitive heart boy, you empathize with others and do your best to encourage.  Luke, your compassion is a gift from the Lord.  I pray that you will use it for His glory as you grow into a man.
And just for a more rounded picture...Luke, my loud boy, who has some crazy dance moves and loves to sing worship songs heard on the radio.  Luke, my athletic boy, who is not afraid of a good rough and tumble game.  Luke, my big, strong boy, whose feet almost fit perfectly in my shoes... 
Someone freeze time.

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