Tuesday, March 26, 2013

{Change One Thing} Printer Stand

It's Tuesday and guess what that means?!  It's time for the second week of "Change One Thing!" 
Well, hellooooo?!  What is "Change One Thing?"  
 The idea is that you shop your house (because we are frugal and it will make us see and think differently!) for one thing you can change that will make an impact in what you see day in and day out. It could be any kind of change, big or little, like a different picture next to your reading chair, or moving your potted plant to the dining room table, or swapping a rug or piece of furniture from one room to another...

You decide what one thing will brighten your day because little things do matter.

Here is my one thing this week...

First hint - this fabulous thrift store treasure I found back in the fall, I think?!  It's been sitting in the basement with a box of stuff on it that needed to go to the thrift store.  Oh yay, that box is gone and I'm finally using this vintage typewriter desk!  At least that's what I think it is...!

Second hint - okay, it's not really a second hint, but it is a different angle...


Messy to neat.  Excess to necessity.  Blah brown to vibrant blue. 
This stand is in the "school area" of our family room.  I kept our copier/printer here (obviously) because we use it all the time.  The basket on the shelf holds Sadie's "school books" and four clipboards - a useful tool that we started using this year.  The basket on the floor holds my lesson plan books and planners. 

I suppose one could argue that I changed more than one thing, but hey, that's all right, right?!  The point is that I looked around my house and found items to use to change this spot around...

I'm still working on settling the displaced items we are keeping from the before picture - things like crayons, markers, construction paper, math manipulatives, etc.  The desk will become a nightstand for my six year old.  Recently, I've been on a pretty intense sort, purge, and organize kick, so you can be sure that some items are taking a hike, too!
This feels so good.

Won't you join me and "Change One Thing?"

If you do, please leave a comment and a link to your blog post!!!  I'd love to see what changes you make!


Danavee said...

EEEEEKKKK! First of all, that thrift shop find was awesome!

LOVE this little makeover!!!!

Olivia said...

Love this transformation! Amazing how much fresher the space looks with that lovely blue typewriter stand.

Abigail said...

I love that stand! Apparently, the rest of the world does, too. :) Your idea of "change on thing" is a great one; I often get stuck in a rut on that front and forget that just moving furniture around will liven things up!