Friday, March 22, 2013

{Project365} iPhone Pics - Somewhat Normal

I'm ending this week thankful that it felt somewhat normal for a mama who no longer has a newborn.  Five months old isn't a newborn anymore, right?!  Silas is taking longer naps during the day and because he's napping better, I'm in sort, purge, and organize mode.  I can actually get some "extra" things done around the house after our homeschool responsibilities are completed!  Spring cleaning at its best even if spring has chosen not to arrive yet!!!  It's all part of my plan to get our house organized so when summer arrives I can focus on painting, creating, decorating, and so on...
If you follow me on instagram (I'm alwayscomehome) or facebook then you've likely seen these pictures and my exceptionally funny commentary...smirk!
1st baby - bring a bag of carefully researched, age appropriate toy wherever you go.  5th baby - find the least dirty piece of garbage in the car.  That's just life!!!

Biggest brother loving on littlest of the blessings of homeschooling is the opportunity for this special interaction all day long.  Melts my heart!

See you later, feels SO good to be cleaning out!

Candyland - 3 yr. old rules basically mean that anything goes...

Blokus - yup, you just play anyway you feel like and it's all good!

Sadie and Kieran - finally at an age where they enjoy each other's company.  It's so fun for my family to hang out with this special family - each child has a buddy near their own age.  Even Silas...but she's still growing in mama's tummy!

Change One Thing - my new weekly project.  Loving the "new" rug in my kitchen...

One of my favorite flowers bringing spring inside my home even though it's still cold and snowy outside!

It's a bird!  It's a plane!  No, it's Business Boy, our little hero in a tie!  You can find adorable onsies like Si's and other goodies at Eclectic Joy with the sweet owner, Cory!

Sunday afternoon snack, cheesy Christian fiction...the perfect mindless combo for a relaxing day at home.

Candy Cane Kisses - a bag I stashed at Christmastime.  Why don't they make these year-round?! I'm savoring one or two a day in secret so I don't have to share with my kiddos...he, he!
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Jessica said...

Wow, it really seems like all your kids do is get along and play games! I think I need to come take some lessons :) I love the rug addition to your kitchen, it goes perfectly! I'm interested to know what book you're reading. The latest Christian historical fiction I can't get enough of are books by Tracie Peterson. And she has SO many!
One other thing, I think you left a comment on my blog about the zig zag side of bobby pins. Yes? My hubby was reading the comments from my phone last night and he deleted it! Oops, sorry!
Have a lovely weekend!

Abigail said...

Love that tie. :)