Tuesday, March 19, 2013

{Home} Change One Thing

I long for spring to arrive!  Too many days in my home leave me feeling kinda bummed out especially when the sun is hiding behind overcast skies.  Too many days staring at the same walls, the same decorations, the same colors, the same brown-grey-white mix outside my windows.  And yet, I have to be at home to accomplish what needs to be done around the house and with homeschooling.
So, I have a fun idea!  I'm calling it "Change One Thing."  The idea being that you shop your house (because we are frugal and it will make us see and think differently!) for one thing you can change that will make an impact in what you see day in and day out.  It could be any kind of change, big or little, like a different picture next to your reading chair, or moving your potted plant to the dining room table, or swapping a rug or piece of furniture from one room to another...
You decide what one thing will brighten your day because little things do matter.
Here is my one thing this week...


Oooh, la, la!  Can't you just picture me making a fabulous dinner tonight and for the rest of winter with this happy rug borrowed from our library?!  Grin!
This makes me happy (even if the rug is a smidge too big for the space)!
Won't you join in and change one thing? 
I promise it will be fun!!! 

If you do, please comment and leave a link to your blog post so I can be happy with you!!!


Olivia said...

I don't have a blog, but, I am so ready to plant things and get the outside of the barnhouse spruced up a bit. So doing the Gerbera daisys in my planters for the deck and Hydrangeas out in front. Hurry Spring!

Shannon Palmer said...

Pretty Rug!

Amanda Drietz said...

I love how just changing the rug made such an impact-beautiful!!