Sunday, March 17, 2013

{Hidden In My Heart Dolls} Pinky Pie

Hello, I'm Pinky Pie!

Pinky Pie went home today to a sweet girl becoming the big sister to twin sisters!

I was calling her "Cutie Pie" but it suddenly struck me that "Pinky Pie" suits her much better!

I've been working on getting a bunch of doll pieces cut out and ready to sew whenever I get a chance...those rare moments when the most important parts of my life are well taken care of.  You know, things like my five little lovies, homeschool, meals, laundry, and other general household stuff.
I can't devote a lot of time to doll making right now, but even these snippets of time are so refreshing to me!  I love doll making!!!  I love creating!!!  I am holding out hope for lots of summer sewing once our school year is finished.

And this is our dining room table...  He, he!


Cory said...

Could not love your dolls more...SO precious!

Olivia said...

I think your sewing room is delightful! #whoneedsadiningroomtable

Abigail said...

So sweet!