Wednesday, May 15, 2013

{Mosaic Reviews} Waterproof Bible

Every once in a while, I am introduced to something that is so unique it just knocks my socks off...or maybe in this case, I should say it floats my boat!  The Waterproof Bible by Bardin Marsee Publishing is spectacular!
I honestly didn't know what to expect of this Bible before receiving it.  I couldn't imagine how it would be made or how it could possibly be waterproof.  But I knew I was excited.  And so were my boys.  When I mentioned that I would be receiving the Waterproof Bible and the little I knew about it, my three oldest boys asked if I would give the Bible to them.  They were sold before even seeing it!

The gentlemen that created the Waterproof Bible have a passion for being in God's creation and years of experience and adventure in the great outdoors but neither of them had a good solution for taking God's Word with them.  One took inexpensive Bibles along on trips knowing that they would be ruined by the end of his trip.  The other just didn't take a Bible with him at all.  They longed for a solution...  Together they created the Waterproof Bible. 
We had a chance to speak with Bobby from Bardin Marsee Publishing and he said of the Waterproof Bible that we can "take God's Word anywhere with worry free confidence that it will stand the test of time..."  As their motto says, you can "Be Inspired.  Anywhere."

 The Waterproof Bible is made of synthetic paper and thread that is stain and tear resistant.  The Bible is sewn together in sections and then sewn as a block before also being secured with waterproof glue.  The synthetic paper allows the text to be ultra clear and readable.  The pages of the Bible stretch and it would take a great deal of stretching before tearing.  I stretched one of the back pages in the "notes" section and it didn't tear on me.  That spot is a little stretched out but it held up to the pressure I put on it.

The synthetic pages can be highlighted without worry of your markings washing off or smearing!  It is recommended that you use dry highlighters which are a cross between a crayon and a colored pencil.  I didn't happen to have a dry highlighter, so I just used a colored pencil.  It seemed to work just fine!   

The Waterproof Bible comes in several popular versions: KJV, NKJV, ESV, NLT, and the 2011 NIV.  Another option allows you to choose either the complete Old and New Testament Bible or just the New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs.
The complete OT and NT Bible is about 6" x 9" with a one inch spine while the NT with Psalms and Proverbs is pocket sized about 4" x 7" weighing less than a pound.  Perfect for camping, hiking, taking along on your fishing trip.
The Waterproof Bible comes with three cover options - blue, pink or camouflage.  Can you guess which cover my boys were hoping for?  They said, "Anything but pink!"  Ha, ha!!!

I really wanted to put this Bible to the test and one day we had a terrific rain storm.  All. day. long.  It felt wrong to be so excited leave our Waterproof Bible out on the patio table, but that's what we did.  My boys kept careful watch and kept asking if it was time to bring it in yet.  Nope!  It needs to stay outside for a long time to get a good thorough soaking.

Do you see how that water just bubbles up?!  Pretty awesome! 
When we finally brought the Bible back inside, we shook it off over the sink and dried the outside with a towel.  I fanned the pages and some drops of water flew out.  And that was it.  Dry.  Amazing!
Later on, the boys took our Bible out to their "fort" in our woods.  It was muddy.  The Bible got muddy.  The boys got muddy.  What cleaned up the most quickly?  The Bible.  A damp cloth wiped all traces of mud off the pages. 
The Waterproof Bible is one of the neatest products I've seen in a long time!  My boys are begging me to buy them each their own camouflage Bible to use for all their outdoor adventures - camping, fishing, and hiking.  (So, don't tell them they'll each be receiving one for Christmas with their names imprinted on the coverShhhh!!!
As our family is trying to incorporate more outdoor activities into our lifestyle, I am confident this Bible will be a staple in our supplies.  I am just that totally excited about it!  And years from now, as my guys cross off one of their biggest dreams from their bucket lists - hiking the Appalachian Trail with their dad - I am confident their Waterproof Bibles will truly have stood the test of time ready to be pulled from their pack for a morning sunrise meeting with their Creator.

 If you are interesting in purchasing your own Waterproof Bible or other accessories, please visit the fine folks at Bardin Marsee Publishing.  You can even customize your Bible covers.  You won't be disappointed!

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