Wednesday, June 5, 2013

{Family} Handsome Boys and Vintage Trucks

We were attending a cousin's wedding in Iowa and were enjoying the reception.  Suddenly, I spotted this amazing truck outside the reception barn when they raised the doors for a refreshing breeze.  Yes...a massive shed/barn.  Cowboys with their boots and hats.  Feeding troughs with canned drinks.  Galvanized buckets with flowers.  Mason Jar favors.  Oh, it was the best laid-back country wedding we've ever been to.  So fun!!!
But back to the soon as I spotted it, I knew I had to get the kids out there for a picture or two or fifty.  I wanted Sadie in them, too, but she froze up and started squealing about the mud that needed crossing in order to get to the truck.  She wasn't happy about muddy toes so I let her off the hook.
Perfect opportunity to take pictures of my boys.  The bummer...totally forgot my fancy schmancy camera and was only able to use my iPhone.  Ah well...they're so handsome, in the end, it didn't matter!

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