Thursday, June 6, 2013

{Hidden In My Heart Dolls} Thinkin' On Selling Again.

I really enjoy making dolls.  Like really, really
I don't like stress and pressure.  Like really, really don't.
Especially when it comes to something that is supposed to be fun and a creative outlet for me like doll making.

So, I've been thinkin' on how I can make and sell dolls and keep the pressure off. 

I think the solution is to limit my number of custom orders.  Really, really limit.
Pulling together parts and pieces when making a doll is easy and fun {but still time consuming} when I don't have the pressure of making it perfect according to a customer's specifications.  And some customers are very specific.  Like really, really specific.  Even down to the color of thread used to sew the hem of the doll's dress. 

And I don't have time for that kind of pressure and stress.  That's no fun.
And doll making should be fun.  Because it's sewing and sewing is my stress reliever. 
See how the two can't work well together?!

And so, I'm putting together some sweet dolls similar to this one to sell at whatever pace my busy life allows.  No agenda.  No selling goal.  No pressure.  Ready to ship.  What you see is what you get kind of selling.

I think this will be fun.  Like really, really.


Anonymous said...

I totally think you should. Like really really!

Olivia said...

Oh how sweet she is! I saw your instagram today. The pigtail girl is to die for! How did it go?

MommyB said...

Like the idea of you just making dolls for sale, that's what they do in the stores. Yours are made with love and super cute. Maybe you could even charge more for one or two super personalized ones too.