Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Six years old. Five wild boys. Four hours of Three bottles of soda. Two celebrations. One happy boy.

We are so proud of you, Elijah! You are inquisitive and love to learn. You care deeply about others, especially your brothers, even though you quarrel. You are funny and make us laugh with your silliness. You are thoughtful and love to make cards for people. You try to do what's right even when it is hard. You are adventurous and try new things like climbing as high as you can in our tree. You accept mama and daddy's instruction and are willing to change your attitude when shown a better way. You are smart and do your best with schoolwork. You are a great big brother and help without being asked. You are brave and courageous even when your feelings get hurt. You are sensitive to others and try to make them feel good. You want to be like your awesome daddy. You love Jesus trying to obey Him and love Him everyday with all your heart. You bless your mama and daddy. We love you!

New DVDs. The Inspiring Heroes movies are from Nest Family Entertainment. Elijah received George Washington, William Bradford and Harriet Tubman. These are fantastic movies and favorites of the boys already.

Battleship, time keeper bookmark and books, card game, first remote controlled car...hours of fun!

The previously mentioned "five wild boys" - Luke, David, Elijah, Isaac and Erik. We took everyone to our local gym to run free in the padded indoor climbing/play room. Lots of races and chases ensued followed by a dip in the kiddie pool.

Pizza party back at home where Selah, Hess and Abigail joined us along with mama and baby Hannah. More wildness. More fun.

Birthday cake...blowing out the candles. What a fun and busy day!

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Liana said...

wow- 6!
Happy Birthday!