Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Virginia Potters

Catching up a bit from our vacation...after we left the Virginia Farwells, we headed to the Virginia Potters to visit my brother, Kevin and his bride, Leah. High on our boys favorite activity list was learning to play Uno Attack. They caught on pretty quickly and were constantly asking to play during any down time. It helps that Uncle Kevin and Aunt Leah like to play games, too!

We visited Maymont Children's Farm (a free activity) in Richmond and saw a variety of farm animals and wild animals. Besides the intermittent rain and wind, we enjoyed hiking around the farm. Here's a family shot...not the greatest, but I put it on here for you curious folk who wish to see me preggo with our fourth baby at 29 wks. I think I look large here, but I suppose sitting and squishing my tummy all together makes me look that way in part, but it's mostly reality!

My brother Kevy-baby and his sweetheart, Leah...did you know that Mike and I set them up on a blind date and the rest is history...nothing like hand-picking your own sister-in-law!!!

We went bowling one afternoon and Leah wasn't wearing socks, so she bought some from the bowling alley...I think the package said they were from the 70's. The pom-pom matched the blue on her bowling shoes...so stylish! By the way and not to brag too much...the pregnant lady won the game. I suppose that's not saying much about any of our bowling skills. But we all had fun and the boys enjoyed showing off their improved bowling skills from participating in the homeschool bowling league!

We had a great time visiting with all our Virginia family and can't wait to see you all again soon!

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