Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School

Hooray for a great first day of school! After an unexpected start with a trip out of the house to meet daddy and a boy with a tummy still in recovery mode, we made the best of the day before us.

Lots of time spent around the dining room table...sharing a giggle or two

Our fun and handy catch all...easily contained, easily moved

Independent reading time

Early American History...learning about Leif the Lucky

Composition notebooks neatly labeled and ready to go

Isaac is in pre-school!!! How did he grow up SO fast???!!!

We decorated cover pages for the boy's "independent work" binders

Continuing with the Explode the Code series

Bible reading with a timer...each boy received a timer to be used for a variety of activities and I declared, "It shall remain on the fridge except when in use for school." Otherwise, they will enter the abyss and never return which I find terribly annoying.

The boys agreed that today was fun and they're ready for more tomorrow! I am thankful for a great day which started with great conversation, Bible reading, and prayer about diligence, this month's character trait. I am thankful for a day that went smoothly, where we accomplished enough, laughed a lot, played even more, stuck with our daily household chores, and enjoyed an evening with a wise and Godly friend.
Sigh...I wouldn't trade this for the world...


carole said...

Great job, Kiley! Your organization is inspiring and your photos make learning at the Farwell house look super fun!

Melissa said...

Awesome! Glad this school year got off to a good start! :) Keep it up girl!

Anonymous said...

I always learn from you, girlfriend! So glad that your first day back was great.

Mrs. Guthrie said...

Awesome!! We started the same day... Glad yours went smoothly, too!! :)

Jennifer said...

Oh, Leif the Lucky... Beautiful Feet? You are going to have such a fun year with those books!