Wednesday, September 8, 2010

S is for Ssssnake

The letter of the week is S! I am planning a random letter of the week review based on the letters Isaac has the most trouble pronouncing and S is a tricky one!

Sssso, today Isaac waited as I ussssed sssscissors to cut out a ssssnake which he then sssswiped with a glue sssstick to attach the sssstripes and eyessss. Each time Isaac sssswiped the sssstick of glue acrossss the sheet of paper, we ssssaid, "ssss!"

Ssssadie ssssat with ussss and ssssaid, "Ssss, ssss!"

Of coursssse, thissss was followed by ssssplendidly sssspent ssssecondssss ssssliding our awessssome fake ssssnakessss around the housssse "ssss-ing" the whole time.

I love preschool! I wish I had spent more time doing activities like this with the older boys...but I think they're turning out A-O-K anyhow!!!

I am NOT doing the sssspell checker on thissss posssst...

Ssssigh...riding the wave of a fresh, exciting start. Hope it carries us through the winter!


Linda said...

Yep, doing thissss with Ssssselah at sssssssssnack time tomorrow. Ssssssuch a good idea! Pleassssse ssssshare away lotsssss thissssss ssssschoool year.

carole said...


Olivia said...

Ssssssssssssssoo exciting!