Thursday, September 9, 2010

Miss Clementine

Here she is...the stork dropped her off just a few minutes ago. As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been working on making my first doll! She's awfully cute! There are a few adjustments that I'll make to the pattern before jumping in to make Christmas gifts, but overall, I am pleased with how "Miss Clementine" turned out. Of course, I won't use pieces from my scrap pile...gotta find some "hair fabric" that looks like Sadie's! And I still need to figure out the Scripture patch...

Oh, giddiness...Miss Clementine does bear a close resemblance to the Baby Be Blessed dolls! Esther Ruth is a Baby Be Blessed doll that I received from their giveaway back in February. She's a cutie! And the sweet dolls are friends...they're holding hands!

Who knew I'd find so much pleasure in sewing anything other than quilts???!!!


Angela said...

Wow! Awesome! What scripture did you choose for it? Are you taking orders now?

Linda said...

Oh my darlin' Clementine!

Whoops, should be looking at this when Selah is sleeping. She just walked by and said, "Awhhh. I wish that I had one of those." Hopefully, she won't make the connection.

Cute doll.
Mom's big pile of fabric on the dryer.
Mom's secret project with Mrs. Kiley.
Whose that making the snake? Isaac.

I just froze, and she moved on. Whoo!

Olivia said...

I want one, too! For a new grand niece!

Jennifer said...

Oh, I was sure there'd be pleasure for you. These are absolutely gorgeous! You did a wonderful job on them. Too many talents, my friend, just so many!

And I was going to say....if you ever needed some extra certainly have several ways of sharing your gifts with others!

Olivia said...

Make that two...can I have them named after the child? And, can I choose the Scripture? Picky, picky!