Thursday, May 12, 2011

Shirt Dress (Slight) Alteration

I have this lightweight, flowy shirt dress that I picked up at Target. (Okay, I actually have two - in different colors!) I wore it a lot in the winter over skinny jeans with a cardigan. The fabric in the front chest area is very baggy and saggy. It didn't matter much in the winter with the cardigan covering it. However, today I put it on with capri length leggings and just couldn't deal with the sagginess. I mean, goodness sakes, I want to look like I have a little shape even though there isn't much shape there to work with...

(P.S. Thank you, Lord, for the body you gave me. It is wonderfully made and has carried 4 extravagant blessings! But, why oh why, can't the first place I loose weight be in my belly or hips instead of up top?) he, he!

Here I am before I slightly altered it. It's hard to see the bagginess and I couldn't get a good profile picture. Trust me, though, it's baggy and unflattering.

Inside out before altering

Needle and thread...I made a running stitch along the seam allowance to gather the top of the sleeve together.

One sleeve gathered

Right side out. I tried it on at this point to be sure I liked how it looked gathered together. Oh my, I felt like a GENIUS when I looked in the mirror!!! A moment of brilliance!

Gathering the sleeve pulled up the bagginess that used to hang in the front.

The Statue of Liberty...

Two sleeves gathered

Finished and gathered...I really like this much better!!! If I wasn't taking pictures, it would have taken about 2 minutes to gather the two sleeves and revamp this shirt dress! Not bad for my first clothing alteration!!!

I might live in this outfit all summer...(and the other one that needs to have it's sleeves gathered!)


Olivia said...

Inspired by Sarah Traughber? In any case, this is genius and look fabulous!

Kiley said...

YES!!! Inspired by Sarah!!! I've never thought to alter a swimsuit! That might be the way to go in the future!

Might hike over your way today and pop in. It's gorgeous out!!! And I have the perfect, lightweight outfit to wear though it might look a little silly with my sneakers...ha, ha!

abigail said...

Brilliant! It's amazing how a few simple alterations can make such a huge difference. I don't think I ever would have thought of this.

Well done; it looks lovely!

Mrs. Guthrie said...