Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rise & Shine

I've been busy working on some fun projects over the past few weeks.  Today, I finally paired together this sweet print from Katie Daisy, a vintage sheet, and a thrifted frame my awesome husband painted for me. (He was already painting our coffee table this color anyhow!  LOVE this yellow and LOVE my coffee table!  I should post a picture of that some time, huh?!)

So bright and cheerful!

To keep the fabric from shifting, I used tiny dots of hot glue at the very edge of the backing board and two small pieces of double stick tape to attach the print to the fabric.  With the fabric, the backing board fits quite snugly in the frame so I don't expect any of it to shift!
Can't wait to get it on the wall in our half bath along with some other items!

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